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Laser Fat Reduction


What is Zerona-Z6?

Zerona-Z6 is a progressive body-slimming system that is designed to remove fat and contour your body without any pain, needles or surgery. As a noninvasive body fat removal treatment, you now have access to an easy and effective method to trim target areas and avoid the potentially dangerous side effects of surgical techniques.

The Science of Comfortable, Easy Weight Loss

By emulsifying fat cells with safe laser light, Zerona-Z6 efficiently eliminates inches from common areas of your body such as your thighs, waist, upper arms and hips. The process works by emptying fat cells of their contents while the essential cell components remain undamaged. This is achieved by low-level lasers temporarily weakening the fat cell walls.

Hassle-Free Process

Zero Recovery Time
Multiple sessions are scheduled, and each one requires less than 60 minutes. Lasers are applied to target areas for 20 minutes. We use low-level lasers, which avoid the discomfort often experienced with other laser varieties and our private treatment rooms are comfortable and relaxing.

Zero Recovery Time

Unlike surgery, Zerona-Z6 does not require an invasive procedure that may damage surrounding tissues, cause swelling and require significant recovery time. There is no pain involved, so anesthetics are not needed. This treatment also does not require you to wear bandages or other restorative aids since there is no harm done to your skin. Your daily routine can continue uninterrupted right after your session.
Incredible Results Image

Incredible Results

Extensive clinical tests and research have been completed that show that Zerona-Z6 is a safe treatment that has impressive outcomes. The typical person has been shown to lose an average of 3.72 inches from their waist — an amazing success. You can be in control of your body once again with Zerona’s exciting laser technology.

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Our packages are designed to start at the minimum number of sessions needed for you to notice a difference and begin at eight sessions. Contact Melanie today to discuss the package that will meet your goals and needs. Laser sessions are 40 minutes in length.
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